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Ann Gry / also known as Ann Grá (Graigh) 
is a writer and two-times finalist for the Hugo Awards (2020&2021) as a co-editor of Journey Planet fanzine, which featured her poetry. She writes speculative fiction, prose and poetry, wandering within and without.

Ann has significant experience in film as she worked on numerous projects with involvement ranging from scriptwriting to distribution. For seven years she acted as an Irish film festival director responsible for programming as well as organisation. She now consults and helps film festivals worldwide.

Ann is an enthusiastic educator. She lectures at a university in film, law and ethics, and speaks at events on various topics: from cinema and literature to cultural promotion and marketing, as well as ethics of innovation, which is Ann's research passion.

Ann has also dipped her toes in the gaming industry, writing a space visual novel script and creating a fantasy board game.

Connect with Ann on Twitter @anngraigh

You can find more of Ann's photos and biography of various lenghts on the press page.

projects and publications

June and July

A visual novel about two sisters inheriting a mushroom business in space. They navigate their ways between planets, political allegiances, friendship and love.

Play Part One for free!

100% water

A debut poetry collection exploring the sense of displacement and belonging. It is a tribute to the unifying power of the ocean – the metaphorical thread connecting individuals across the globe. The collection is published by Gulbrand Press in 2023. 

defying integrity of continuity

A poem accompanied by art published as a standalone issue of Journey Planet fanzine. Ann became the 2020 Hugo Award finalist as a fanzine editor for this.

You can find more projects and articles in my blog.

Interested in seeing more of my work? Please consider subscribing to my Patreon page to support and read regular poetry/zine updates.


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