Ann Gry

poet. writer.

The 2020&2021 Hugo Award Finalist

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I write poetry with words I grab from reality, as there is beauty around us and inside us even more so. My interests lie in the topics of space exploration and new technologies as I strive to find a place in this ever changing world, and it's so rapidly rolling as my lips are finding rhyme to its tact. These topics will be featured in the 'Space Bride' series, on which I'm working now.

I like to draw and take photos, and sometimes merge words with other media. This finds its way in the zines I create. 

I write fiction with inclination to science fiction and fantasy.

Short bio:

Ann Gry is a writer, Irish film festival director and a lecturer from Moscow, Russia.

Her poetry and art were featured in a standalone Journey Planet fanzine issue “Defying Integrity of Continuity” (Dec, 2019) for which she became a 2020 Hugo Awards Finalist. She is lecturing in Ethics of innovation, International law and Cinema of the British Isles at the National University of Science and Technology in Moscow. Ann is currently working on several poetry and prose projects. You can find more of her writing and art at


projects and publications

defying integrity of continuity

A poem published as a standalone issue of Journey Planet fanzine. Became the 2020 Hugo Award finalist as a fanzine editor for this.

magical places: tribute to Ray Bradbury

A poem about the most magical place in the world, published in August 2020 around Ray Bradbury's birthday.

Russian Space (Journey Planet 55)

I co-edited the issue of Journey Planet about Russian Space: took interviews, wrote articles, translated and did the layout. Very proud how it turned out - hope you enjoy!

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