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Ann Gry

Ann Gry / also known as Ann Grá (Graigh)

is a poet and writer and two-times finalist for the Hugo Awards (2020&2021) as a co-editor of Journey Planet fanzine, which featured her art&poetry. She writes speculative fiction, prose and poetry, wandering within and without.

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Ann Gry / Ann Grá (Graigh) 
is a writer and two-times finalist for the Hugo Awards (2020&2021) as a co-editor of Journey Planet fanzine, which featured her poetry.

Ann has significant experience in film as she worked on numerous projects with involvement ranging from scriptwriting to distribution. For seven years she acted as a film festival director responsible for programming as well as organisation. She now consults and helps film festivals worldwide.

Ann is an enthusiastic educator. She lectures at a university in film, law and ethics, and speaks at events on various topics: from cinema and literature to cultural promotion and marketing, as well as ethics of innovation, which is Ann's research passion.

Ann has also dipped her toes in the gaming industry, writing a space visual novel script and creating a fantasy board game.

You can find Ann on twitter @anngraigh

Pronouns: she/they


2020 – Hugo Awards for Best Fanzine, Journey Planet #47, Finalist (as Ann Gry)

2021 – Hugo Awards for Best Fanzine, Journey Planet #55, Finalist (as Ann Gry)

2021 – European Science Fiction Society (ESFS) Awards for Best Fanzine, Journey Planet #55, nominated from Ireland (as Ann Gry)

2022 – Kombucham Game Jam Winner for June&July visual novel

If you are looking for other formats (25-50-100 words) of Ann's bio&photos, please go to the Press kit.


speculative fiction – prose, poetry, scriptwriting

The 2020&2021 Hugo Award Finalist for Journey Planet issues with author's poetry and art (2020) and another one dedicated to space (2021), the latter also got nomination for the European Science Fiction Society Achievements Awards (from Ireland).

Wrote a full feature film script – action with science fiction elements (initial stages, international co-production). 

Wrote a script for a visual novel game 'June & July'. Part one won the first place in a Kombucham Game Jam in 2022, you can play it here

Created a concept, story and cards (mechanics and flavour texts) for a board game with dragons, mages, dice and cards, with Gulbrandr studio. 

Several writing projects in development and due to be published in 2023.

I'd love to collaborate with you on stories and scripts in various genres and media! You can contact me directly to discuss. 


promoting culture and building communities

Organised the Irish Film Festival, which was recognised as the biggest Irish film festival outside of Ireland. 

Organised regular Irish film club, Bloomsday and Samhain celebrations.

Runs a science fiction club with regular online meetings.

Volunteered for festivals, fannish events and conventions.

Hosted and organised public interviews and signing sessions in the public libraries, moderated talks, round tables and discussions.

Gave interviews on the radio and TV.

Spoke before a crowd of over 5,000 people co-hosting an openair concert.

... and loved it all! 


sharing knowledge and experience

Lecturer at the National University of Science and Technology, in English:

  • Cinema of the British Isles (Bachelors)

  • International law (Masters)

  • Ethics of Innovation (online, for engineers and wider audience)

Speaker at events, ranging from higher education and cultural events to science fiction conventions like WorldCon and Octocon.

Selection of previous talks:

  • AI Ethics for filmmakers (World of Knowledge festival, 2021)

  • The TV-ification of Film (Octocon, 2021, panelist)

  • Consciousness and Ways to Reach It (Octocon, 2021, panelist)

  • Ship of Theseus: modern understanding (2021)

  • Programming Irish Film WorldWide (IFI, 2021, panelist)

  • Finnegans Wake by James Joyce, a linguistics master class (2021)

  • Horror in the Irish literature (2019)

  • Can technology save the world? (Worldcon in Dublin, 2019, panelist)

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