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Ann Gry is an experienced speaker and would love to talk at your events!

Ann lectures at the National University of Science and Technology in cinema, law and ethics.

Ann is a frequent speaker at events, festivals, conferences and conventions.

Ann also:

  • Hosted and organised public interviews and signing sessions in the libraries;

  • Moderated talks, Q&As, round tables and discussions;

  • Gave interviews on the radio and TV;

  • Spoke before a crowd of over 5,000 people co-hosting an openair concert.

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Ann Gry spoke to various audiences from private groups and student classes to crows of thousands of people.

Every time Ann prepares and updates her speeches to accommodate specific audiences and topics, share new findings and excite people to discover wide horizons of our beautiful and diverse world. Ann strives to create a sense of enwonderment in her audience. 

She feels comfortable on stage, in class, in large or small auditoriums and cinema halls, in person, as well as online.

Apart from the several topics presented here, Ann would also love to share her experience of general mentoring for students, helping with CVs, choosing career paths and studying/living abroad. 


Ann has extensive experience working in the film industry. She managed a film festival for 7 years, running the largest Irish film festival outside Ireland. She also lectured in cinema of the British Isles for students, spoke numerously at the festival events about Irish and British cinema and culture.

Ann would love to speak on topics like:

  • film marketing and promotion

  • organising film events and festivals (full course syllabus available)

  • modern Irish cinema

  • Irish and British cinema (full course syllabus available)

  • film locations in Ireland

  • basics of filmmaking, scriptwriting, film budgets, production, distribution



Ethics of the modern world challenged by the ever-changing technological environment and facing predicted singularity is an exciting topic of Ann's research. She merges her law background with a strong will to change the world for the better by constant pursuit of hard questions. Ann is currently working on an online course based on her research at the university, which is due to be published this year. She also explores these topics in her fiction writing.

Ann can speak on ethics of today and explore the society of our future that is just around the corner:

  • ethics of innovation (broad talk)

  • AI ethics, today and tomorrow

  • cybersecurity, data privacy

  • ethics of information, fake news, truth and trust

  • ethics for engineers (a range of topics, full course syllabus available)

  • living as a posthuman 

  • ethics in storytelling


Irish culture

Ann is an active promoter of Irish culture, serving as the director of an Irish film festival for 7 years, and organising events on Irish literature (Bloomsday, Samhain), music and dance. 

Ann would love to share her love for:

  • Irish cinema (broad talk or specific themes)

  • Irish horror (Samhain talks, Dracula, Le Fanu etc)

  • James Joyce (can talk for hours if not stopped)

  • Modern Irish literature


Please don't hesitate to make contact to learn more and book Ann as a speaker, tutor or mentor! 




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