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Magical places: tribute to Ray Bradbury

June, 2023

Poem about the most magical place in the world, published in Journey Planet in August 2020 around Ray Bradbury's birthday.

When I've heard about the upcoming issue of Journey Planet fanzine about the most magical places in the world, it caught my attention. The world is filled with those cosy nooks and majestic castles, even a cup of coffee can be a magical place (as it is every morning). So I started writing about magical places, and wrote quite a lot, but had to choose one - I finally realised I'm circling around an idea of places becoming magical only in our heads, and having focus rather outward, constantly missing space... For me, Mars is the most magical place - has always been - and I'm sure you will agree with me on that after reading Ray Bradbury's works Mars or Venus are now seeping with magic and stories and meanings they lack in reality. 

You can read the full poem as published in Journey Planet 51 on my patreon page.

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